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Post by Sherif Morgan on Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:40 pm

There are some thugs I've been wanting dead or in my cell for quite some time.

Here's be Bessie of the north, she's a very deadly one, she uses that big hunk of metal and blasts people past who passes her border.
Bring me her and I'll cut you in on a reward for your efforts
5000 gold in a bag, take that and a little something extra.

Braken the western gunslinger
He's got two of them big longshot revolvers that's worth a lot.
I lost him somewhere near the east bridge of magmo ton bridge
He may be hidin somewhere in them mountains, don't know, don't care, just get him in my cell and take the deal.
1500 gold

Jakajon the gren
He's an ex military survivor from sector city, he's gone trigger happy and firing shots at anyone that enters the dead vally
Go down, and get me my daughter, son and 5 other people he kidnapped.
6000 gold

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