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Post by Dr.Kran on Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:09 pm

New Player > You joined the game
Achievements Cards_10
Duelist > Play 5 duels
Achievements Cards_13
Novice Duelist Win 5 duels
Achievements Cards_15
Average Duelist Play 15 Duels
Achievements Cards_10
Master Duelist > Win 30 games
Achievements Cards_11
Collector > Collect atleast 25 cards
Achievements Cards_14
Novice Collector > Collect atleast 75 cards
Achievements Cards_19
Average Collector > Collect 150 cards
Achievements Cards_18
Master Collector > Collect 1000 cards
Achievements Cards_17
Experienced Player > Reach lvl 99
Achievements Exp_210
Steampunk Collector > Collect atleast 5 steampunk cards
Achievements Steam10
Razorshock Card Maker
Achievements Rcm10
Beta Tester
Achievements Beta10
The key Winner > Win keys on here
Achievements Cards_21
PVP Master > Defeat 150 players
Achievements Cards_20
Boss Master > Defeat 150 bosses
Achievements Cards_23
Rare Collector > Collect 100 Limited Rares
Achievements Cards_22
Ultimate Boss > Defeat the strongest boss ever in a duel
Achievements Cards_24
VIP > Very important person rank
Achievements Cards_25
Moderator > will receive this achievement if you've became a staff member
Achievements Boss_210
Admin > Will receive this achievement if you've gain the administrator rank
Achievements Boss_211
Solo rank, play in solo games
Achievements Mexi_m11

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Cardname HP Achievements 1777292642 0
Cardname HP Achievements 1777292642 0

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