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Post by Dr.Kran on Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:01 pm

-All models are sent by mail
'customize name'
Class: Shotgun Guy

Type: Human
700: HP
Armed with 1 quick action pump shotgun
Equipped with Pellet Belt and Gunslinger's Hat
3000 RC coins

'customize name'
Class: Ventress Vampire

Type: Vampire
250: HP
2: evasion
Armed with 1 M16
Equipped Shotpouch
6400 RC coins

Quick action pump shotgun

Type: Shotgun
Damage: x8-12 (92) Rapid range shots
3 uses per a match
1500 RC coins


Type: Assault Rifle
Damage: x30-7 (210) Rapid range shots
2 uses per a match
3400 RC coins

Shotgun Belt/Shotpouch

Type: Utility Belt
Increase shotgun uses by +1 uses per a match
300 RC coins

Gunman's Hat

Type: Hat
Increase shotgun uses by +1 uses per a match
600 RC coins

Played Cards : Dr.Kran's HP 2500
Cardname HP 0
Cardname HP 0
Cardname HP 0

Location : Texas

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