Lost Island of Anazogon

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Lost Island of Anazogon

Post by Dr.Kran on Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:13 pm

People of many timelines have crashed here on Parada also known as Shinoba Island.
Scavenger Survivor

10 HP
Search and harvesting capabilities
x1 - 1 attack and damage
3 Hide
3 Find

Hunter Survivor

10 HP
Hunting and harvesting capabilities
x1 - 2 attack and damage
3 Hide

Traveling Survivor

10 HP
Harvesting abilities, you travel on your own and you are your own solo leader
x1 - 1 attack and damage
9 Hide


10 HP
Just an ordinary Survivor that has nothing better to do than to talk to other survivors or help out
x1 - 1
Hide x4

Played Cards : Dr.Kran's HP 2500
Cardname HP 0
Cardname HP 0
Cardname HP 0

Location : Texas

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